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Velcro Patches and Their Uses

Velcro patches merge two marvelous inventions to form one great product. Like bread and butter, pen and paper, or cup and saucer, Velcro and patches belong together!

Velcro and Patches – A Match Made at The Patch Factory (It's Just Like Heaven!)

Velcro is the company that brings us the hook-and-loop style fabric fasteners. Thanks to these strips, life is easier for hurried parents around the world – no more fighting to tie a squirming toddler's shoes. And because we have patches, we can proudly announce our affiliation with groups and clubs, or identify the rank or position of people in uniform.

Velcro Patches – Put Away the Needle and Thread! 

Velcro patches give us the ease of applying or removing patches in one swift motion. Suffering from patch uncertainty? Now you can swap your patches on a whim, and make big changes with a small tug of the fabric. So put away the sew-on patches and pick out some Velcro patches instead!

Velcro Patches – We Have a Patch for That! 

Do you have a tote bag that could use embellishing? A jacket that could be jazzed up? Maybe you're looking for some fun items to give a youth group, or some promotional products to bear your brand. Whatever your need, we have a patch for that! And with an easy-to-use Velcro backing, they're a cinch to attach.

Order Now! 

Order your awesome Velcro patches from the people who do patches right -- The Patch Factory! We make custom patches with style-- whether you like them pretty or punchy, silly or smart. We'll make your patches to perfection. Just fill out our no-obligation free quote form and we'll send you a price quote and free custom art proof, right to your inbox. Or call us toll-free Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET at 1-888-279-7512. Our customer service staff is here to help you.

Get your Velcro patches from The Patch Factory, and start the patching fun!