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The Bloody Beetroots Live Patch

The Patch Factory loves tacos so why not feature this awesome taco patch as our patch of the day.


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Customized Embroidered Patches | Your Design, Our Expertise

Custom Embroidered Patches

In this era of creativity where everything is about innovative ideas and the power of the human imagination, embroidered patches are no longer an accessory restricted to people in a select few professions, including civil service and the military. These days, customized embroidered patches are used in a whole range of applications ranging from the promotion of social institutions to help the poor and hungry to imparting recognition of branded companies. If truth were told, whether you are an active member of a small tennis club or you own a large scale company and you seek to improve your branding value, in any marketing campaign, custom embroidered patches remain indispensable.

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Our embroidered patches - Helping you define your identity

When it comes to designing embroidered patches, you can allow yourself to let loose your imagination because anything your brain can come up with, chances are, it can go on to become something big given the right push and punch. At The Patch Factory, this is what we do. You give us your design and your ideas and we make it happen helping yon carve and define your identity in the best and most effective way possible. For a number of years now, The Patch Factory has been a leading provider of quality embroidered patches in the United States, in just about every style and fabric. Our most popular embroidered patches include flag patches, military patches, martial art patches, sports patches, logo patches and cartoon patches.

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Up until a few years ago, customized embroidered patches used to be somewhat limited because they were made by hand, but these days with the whole process digitized, finer quality embroidered patches are possible with the help of computerized machines. These machines are capable of taking care of the tiniest and finest details involved in the design and rendering of embroidered patches. We take pride in the way we produce creative patches. That can seem to the naked eye to be seam free, with edges exceptionally clean and professionally finished.

The Patch Factory - Our service

At The Patch Factory, our pricing structure has been carefully thought through to offer the best customer service possible to our clients. Basically, if you choose us, how much you will pay to get your embroidered patches will depend on 3 things.

1. The size of the patches you want

The price of an embroidered patch will depend on its size. For the purpose of taking advantage of our free quotation feature, to determine the size of the patch you need, add the maximum height of your patch to the maximum width of the design. Divide this sum by 2 and that's the figure you want to submit to us for your free quote.

2. The size of your order

Irrespective of the size of your order, The Patch Factory guarantees a time frame of 14 days for your order to be completed and delivered to your doorstep. However, the volume of your order will influence pricing. The more you order, the better off you are because the price per unit (the price per patch) decreases.

3. Embroidery percentage

At the Patch Factory, although we have designs that you can choose from, if you are not by nature a creative person, you can give us minimal instruction and we can start a design from there. If you come up with your own creative design, we can absolutely make just about anything happen when it comes to embroidered patches. Pricing will depend on the embroidery percentage that your patch design demands. 100% embroidery costs more than 50% embroidery, which is something that makes complete sense.

Why choose The Patch Factory

1. We take orders as small as 10 patches

2. We are thought leaders of the industry

3. We offer free shipping

4. We offer a free quotation service

5. We guarantee delivery of orders within 14 days irrespective of volume

6. Your needs are our priority

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