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The Real Meaning of Custom Patches

When it comes right down to it, what is a patch? The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it? Just a piece of cloth or vinyl bearing a name, logo or message of some sort.

But if you think about it, patches are more than that, more than just ordinary markers. They really are representative of something bigger than themselves.

In a very real sense, any custom patch serves as a miniature billboard for whatever message is on it. It can be something as simple as the name of the man about to repair your air conditioner. It can make a statement that is political, provocative or playful. Or it can show membership in a select squad or tactical unit.

With each of those examples, the patch becomes a representation of the person who created it, and the person wearing it.

Custom Patches Make A Statement

Case in point: the delivery person who shows up at your door. He/she is wearing an embroidered patch that states his/her name and features the delivery company’s logo. That tells you that the individual is someone you can safely open your door for.

Tactical patches are another example. They can indicate membership in an elite squad such as Army Rangers or Navy SEAL teams. Custom morale patches can offer a wry comment on military life.

As noted above, custom patches are in essence miniature billboards that transmit your brand, logo or message to viewers just as surely as their full-size counterparts along the highway. The key is to be sure your billboard says exactly what you want it to.

For that, you need to depend on the talented graphic artists and customer service professionals of a reputable custom patch provider. They have the talent and experience to recommend the perfect way to most effectively showcase your desired message to those who will see it.

At, we’ll help you craft patches that will say exactly what you want them to, in a stylish, attractive manner. Call us toll free at 888.279.7512, or email us at [email protected] to find how we can serve all your custom patch needs.