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Rolling Thunder: Derby Patches Score With Fans

Look out folks, there's a new band of outlaws rolling into a town near you.

Traveling on eight wheels apiece, these ladies play rough, and you'd be well advised to stay out of their way. With names like Karma Shootya, Beyonslay, Roxy Gibrawlter and Dee Bauchery, you don't want to mess with 'em.

This is not your father's Roller Games. The new Roller Derby features flat tracks, fishnet stockings and female stars who rock the rink with plenty of attitude. The newest incarnation of a venerable sport is faster, hotter and more fun. What better way to show your support for your favorite team than with custom sports patches?

Whether you're an old-school fan who remembers the glory days of the Texas Outlaws and the T-Birds, or a new wave "jeerleader" for the Brooklyn Bombshells or Kansas City's Victory Vixens, you can wear a patch celebrating your favorite team.

Unlike the old derby days, most new teams are non-profit and need merchandise sales to support their efforts. Custom sports patches of the team logo are a great way to show support for your favorite skaters, whether they roll for the Wall Street Traitors, the Detroit Pistoffs or the Tampa Tantrums. Rock the logo of a roller derby sports patch to honor your favorite jammer, blocker or pivot.

And if you're a Derby skater or manager looking for a way to raise money, roller derby patches make great merch. Colorful, affordable, and with a quick turnaround time, we can get your logo flying out the rink doors with your spectators in no time. Soon you'll be seeing your logo on your fans' caps, jackets, and backpacks, and your bottom line will be seeing green.

Roller derby and custom sports patches go together like blockers and bruises, and The Patch Factory is your best bet for great embroidered patches.

(This article is dedicated to the memories of Shirley Hartman and Ralphie Valladares of the Los Angeles Thunderbirds.)