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Embroidered Patches For Business Promotion

In the business world, every company needs a way to market themselves, to differentiate themselves from the competition. One way to do that is through the use of embroidered patches.

Embroidered patches can market your business name, products or services. They're also ideal for employee identification. And when you're shopping for an embroidered patch provider, there's no better source than The Patch Factory.

You want the best quality patches to represent your business. No problem. Our staff is dedicated to providing the finest embroidered patches you'll find anywhere. You also want competitive pricing. We've got that covered too. We guarantee the lowest prices you'll find anywhere.

If you have an existing design, great. Send us the artwork and we'll get started right away. If you're not sure what you want your patches to look like, give us a call. Our talented graphic artists will be happy to help you design the perfect embroidered patches for your company, patches your staff will wear with pride.

Embroidered uniform patches can do much more than just indicate the name of the person wearing them. With the proper design, they also can showcase an employee's skill. Take for example, the auto mechanic's ASE patch. This indicates the person working on your customer's vehicle has passed a rigorous exam and is highly skilled. It helps instill trust in the customer that their car, truck or SUV will be repaired properly.

For businesses whose employees enter people's homes - such as for air conditioner repair, plumbing and electrical work - embroidered patches help identify your employees to customers. This is an important factor in easing concerns of those who might otherwise be reluctant to let a stranger into their homes. Patches also can be used to celebrate years of service with the company, or feature the company logo for an extra promotional kick. It's really hard to go wrong with embroidered patches to market your products or services.