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Embroidered Patches: An Ancient Art With A Modern Twist

Embroidered patches are a small part of an ancient artistry that dates back thousands of years. The art of sewing designs into a fabric with yarn or thread was practiced in ancient Egypt and before. The traditional art form has deep roots in many cultures.

Today's custom embroidered patches respect the art of creating beautiful designs in textiles. Yet modern production techniques update the centuries-old handicraft for the digital era.

Throughout most of recorded history, embroidered clothing and embroidered tapestries were considered symbols of affluence. Only the wealthy could afford the hand-made embroidered products that local artists created.

With the invention of the sewing machine and mechanical embroidery machines in the mid-19th century, embroidery entered a new era. Machine embroidery allows the creation of precise designs that can be repeated an infinite number of times. Modern custom embroidered patches are examples of the level of precision, artistic beauty, and repeatability that can be achieved.

Machine embroidery was common by the end of the 1800s. But it was the computer revolution of the past 30 years that really transformed machine embroidery. The addition of electronic controls to mechanical production machines enables the high-volume production of custom embroidered patches at low cost. State of the art machines creates high-precision embroidered designs that allow for a higher thread count per inch. That creates top quality patches every time, no matter whether you're ordering 50,000 or 50.

With computer-assisted design, talented graphic artists at The Patch Factory can turn just about any logo, design or idea into a custom embroidered patch. We can help you create just about any patch shape, style or size you want. Once the design is exactly the way you want it - and only then- it goes into production.

Computer controlled cutting machines also mean the patch backing material can be cut to almost any shape the customer wants. Patches are embroidered onto a twill backing and made with either with a traditional sewn border, known as a merrowed border or with a heat-sealed border known as a hot cut border. Hot cut borders enable great flexibility in embroidered patch shapes.

Even with computerized design and production, the traditional virtues of embroidery remain. Unlike silk screened designs, the stitched patterns of custom embroidered patches are strong and durable. They don't fade over time and are likely to outlast the garments to which they're attached.

The Patch Factory offers you the effortless computer design and production of embroidered patches with the timeless appeal of classic embroidery. No matter what your embroidered patch needs, we can provide them. If you'd like to know more, just fill out our free quote form, email us at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-888-279-7512. We'll be happy to help you design the perfect patches for your needs.