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Distinct Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom Embroidered Patches 
Custom embroidered patches have a distinct purpose. Civil service workers wear them to denote their positions. Scouts, students of martial arts, and athletes wear them as symbols of their teams and achievements. Soldiers show their pride and patriotism with military patches. But custom embroidered patches are not just for wearing.

Custom Patches as Collectables 
People collect things they find interesting, amusing, or valuable in some way. Perhaps our collectibles inspire us. Maybe they even frighten us, and thereby intrigue us. Many people collect custom embroidered patches that bear logos, statements or pictures of places they've been or would like to go.

Regardless of the items you collect, your collectibles should evoke some sort of emotions, and make you glad you saved space on your shelves for those special objects. The following are some collections that while peculiar, have some intrinsic value to collectors.

Peculiar Collectables 

Some people keep a small stock of toiletries in a cabinet or closet. But Carol Vaughn of the United Kingdom has a collection of more than 5,000 bars of soap. She began collecting the soaps in 1991 and continues to add to her collection. Maybe one day she'll start on towels…

Cigarette Boxes 
Wang Guohua has a weakness for tobacco products – although he doesn't chew, spit or smoke them. Guohua is a collector of cigarette boxes. He has an entire room devoted to them in his home in China. His collection comprises 30,000 cigarette boxes from various countries around the world.

Pokemon is a video game-based franchise that includes more than 649 fictional species owned by the Nintendo Company. Anyone who left home in the late '90s (when it was most popular) surely saw some product of the media franchise, such as trading cards, T-shirts, books or hand-held video games.

Self-proclaimed Pokemon expert PikaBelleChu holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection. Her passion for Pokemon products has made her the most well-known anime collector in the world. Her homemade costume collection is just one part of her assemblage and includes more than 80 themed outfits that she proudly wears to conventions and events worldwide.

Famous Hair 
Some people collect celebrity autographs. John Reznikoff prefers locks of hair. His collection of star strands has brought him a bit of fame. Some of the hair he owns belonged to Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Ludwig Beethoven and Edgar Allen Poe.

Rubber Ducks 
At least one person agrees with the sentiments of Sesame Street's Ernie, "Rubber ducky, you're the one…" Valli Hammer is the owner of a rubber duck collection that includes 2,469 fun fowl.

PEZ Dispensers
The name PEZ comes from the German word for peppermint and describes the crazy candy dispensers that combine plastic carton faces with sweet treats. According to the PEZ Website, the candy was first marketed more than 90 years ago in Vienna, Austria. The company strives to introduce new character dispensers regularly in keeping with current trends.

More than 3 billion PEZ candies are eaten every day in America, and many consumers also save the character dispensers. Ron Hood of Lewiston, Maine, has saved more than 3,000 PEZ dispensers and merchandise.

These over-the-top collections have brought loads of enjoyment to their collectors. Custom embroidered patches can do the same for you!