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Boy Scout Patches and Their Uses

Among the many rewards for succeeding in the Scout world are Boy Scout patches. These small embroidered embellishments add interest to an otherwise ordinary Scout's vest -- each one a source of pride that brings a sense of achievement to a budding Boy Scout.

Boy Scout Patches – The Purpose of Patching 

People have always prized patches. In their earliest years, patches were hand-stitched souvenirs of places traveled, special events, and other significant pieces of a person's life. People proudly displayed them on apparel, shelves, and in cabinets or keepsake chests. They painstakingly crafted their patches and designed them with colorful thread and rich designs. Today's patches are also special to the collector or wearer. Boy Scout patches may hold more value, however, because they represent hard work and accomplishments, as well as the spirit and heritage of Scouting.

Celebrate the Journey!

Scouting allows young boys to hike, fish, race model cars, explore the woods and more. Patches are a great way to celebrate the adventures taken, friendships formed and lessons learned throughout the journey.

Custom Patches at Competitive Prices! 

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