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Biker Patches Make Bold Statements

Biker patches are a big part of a biker's apparel. They support a biker's image and help him or her make bold statements. Biker patches can tell the world where you've been, what causes you stand by, which club you roll with, and if you're riding with pride or bad to the bone.

Elements of an Awesome Patch 
The best patches start with cool custom designs, but they require more than that. So what does it take to make awesome biker patches? As with any excellent recipe, a number of ingredients are needed. Here are the elements of a great patch…

Smart designs are the first and most significant step in the patch-making process. But if your creativity has run dry, The Patch Factory comes through with the artistic designs that make biker patches great. Our in-house design team is talented and responsive. We'll make unlimited changes to your art proof for free if that's what it takes to earn your approval.

Top-Quality Materials
Your biker patches will look good for years. That's because we use the best materials, brightly colored threads and top-notch twill. So go ahead and ride like the wind, embrace the elements, and be assured your patches will stay attractive all the while. They're biker tough!

Embroidery used to be an arduous task. The stitch-by-stitch method was time-consuming and done by hand before the advent of modern embroidery machines. The Patch Factory uses state-of-the-art embroidering equipment and techniques, ensuring your biker patches are made using the highest level of craftsmanship. Our process is fast and efficient.

Delivering the best biker patches is not all we do at The Patch Factory. We know that bikers mean business, and they're serious about their patches. When it comes to patch production, we don't want to be one-hit-wonders. We want your continued business. What's more, we want you to be so pleased with our patches that you recommend us to everyone you know. Our friendly and professional customer service representatives will make your patch-buying experience phenomenal! Give us a try!

Order Now! 
Ordering your custom biker patches from The Patch Factory is easy! Simply fill out our no-obligation free quote form and we'll send you a price quote and digital art proof. Or call us directly at toll-free 1-888-279-7512, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET. Email: [email protected]

Bikers who were born to ride need patches that were made to impress! Get them at The Patch Factory!