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Any Patch Design can have an Iron-On Backing applied to it.

Velcro Patches

Velcro patches take patching to the heights of functionality and fun. While patches were once a semi-permanent embellishment, newer Velcro versions make switching a swapping a swift possibility. And who doesn't want more patching possibilities?

Velcro and Patches – The Perfect Pair
Patches have been in production since the early 1900s. Through the meticulous process of embroidery and hand-stitching, these proud accessories found placement on our apparel. Patches were symbols of places traveled, achievements earned, and a person's beliefs and values.

They held a place of honor on display shelves, and were promptly admired as tiny works of art. Today's patches have equal symbolism, although they're more creative in variety and appearance, more distinct in style and easier to apply to fabrics.

Velcro is the hook-and-loop style fastener we all enjoy on clothing and countless other products. Its invention came long after the patch – around 1950 by Swiss electrical engineer George De Mestral. The use of Velcro on patches is a newer innovation. It combines the ease of Velcro with the art of patching. Now you can patch without hesitation. There's no need to ponder the placement of patches, or worry whether you picked the right patch for you jacket, vest or other garment. In one quick motion, you can remove your patch and replace it with another. Scouts and students of martial arts or other athletic organizations and clubs can attach new patches from promotions and increases in rank. They can rearrange their patches in a hurry, retiring older patches to a display cabinet or other spot for safekeeping.

Patch Production
The Patch Factory makes patches using the highest quality materials and most advanced digitized fabrication. We make patches that are durable, detailed, and brilliant in color. When you want top-notch Velcro patches, look to The Patch Factory.

With Velcro patches, patching is painless!