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police patches

Custom Police Patches

Patches are an important aspect of police uniforms for many reasons. Police patches identify officers and indicate rank to fellow officers and the public as well. If your department is shopping for patches, The Patch Factory is your one-stop, no problem supplier for police patches of any kind.

As our name implies, embroidered patches are what we do at The Patch Factory. We're determined to provide the finest service, the best quality patches and unbeatable prices. We're committed to total customer satisfaction.

We take special pride in the patches we craft for police departments. We appreciate the commitment police officers and their families make every day to keep us safe. We approach our jobs with the same dedication that you do yours.

That means we won't waste your valuable time. The Patch Factory makes ordering police patches fast and easy. Whether you call us or fill out our no-obligation free quote form, we'll respond to you fast, and get your patches to you fast. No matter if you need enough patches for an entire sheriff's department, a federal agency or metro police department, or only a few for your S.W.A.T. team, we're your source.

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police patches
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If you want help designing your patches, we're happy to help. We have a roster of talented artists who can help you create the perfect design for your department or agency. Best of all, we never charge for design, art or revisions. You can revise your patches until they're exactly what you want them to look like.

If you already have a design, no problem. We can reproduce the design of your existing police patches to perfectly match the ones your department already has. We use only the finest quality twill backing and top-grade embroidery thread, in Pantone PMS colors, to ensure you get the best looking patches you can get anywhere.

Embroidered Police patches are great for identification and recognition. But did you know you also can use them to commemorate special events? Police patches that celebrate the opening of new branches, the anniversary of the founding of your department and other events are a great way to raise citizen awareness of the many roles your officers play in the community. Many departments trade patches among each other as well. This is a great way to build camaraderie and goodwill between departments and agencies.

Our dedication to customer service is legendary, and we're committed to offering the best prices you can get. We treat all our customers the same way we want to be treated ourselves. We'll get your patches to you fast, and we'll get them to you right. We guarantee the quality of every patch we sell. If there's an issue with one of our products, we'll take care of it, promptly and professionally.

So what are you waiting for? All it takes is one toll free phone call, one email or filling out our no-obligation free quote form. The Patch Factory is ready to be YOUR supplier of police patches!

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