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Merit Badges

Boy Scout Patches


Boy Scout patches are among the many rewards for service in the Scouting community. An eager boy can earn any number of patches by following the protocol and putting forth his best effort. And when he finally gets his embroidered prize, he'll have learned something new and interesting on topics that will enhance his life and broaden his worldview.

Merit Badges – Requirements for Earning
With more than 130 merit badges available, there's no shortage of subjects to explore for the enthusiastic Boy Scout. In the process of earning his merit badges, he may be led to the world of business, gardening, photography or countless other places. But the road to achieving his Boy Scout patches is not simple to tread. Here are some of the requirements for earning these types of patches.

• Discuss with your Scoutmaster the badges you'd like to earn. Pick topics that appeal to you and remember you'll have to take a hands-on approach to acquiring your badge. You'll need to demonstrate your knowledge – showing rather than telling what you have learned.
• Contact your merit badge counselor, whose name and information appears on the merit badge application, or blue card.
• Meet with the merit badge counselor and have a friend or adult accompany you to your meetings.
• Read the merit badge literature pertaining to your desired badge.
• Demonstrate what you have learned. Make an appointment with your merit badge counselor and take all of the required supplies with you so that you can present your information.

Scouts who meet all the requirements will earn their merit badges when their counselor is satisfied with their presentation. Boys Scout patches are esteemed badges of achievement. Those who earn patches are sure to win the respect of their peers.

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