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Looking for Custom Biker Patches?

There's a lot more to being a biker than just riding a motorcycle. If you're truly committed, it's a way of life. Biker patches are a way to tell the world what riding means to you.

The Patch Factory understands how much bikers depend on patches to make a statement. We have riders on our staff who are committed to the motto Live to Ride, Ride to Live. We know what you need in biker patches.

Patch quality is first and foremost, always. There's no point to having patches if they're stitched so poorly that their message is illegible, or if they can't stand up to the rigors of the riding life. Every patch we make is crafted from the highest quality twill backing and the strongest embroidery thread available. Patches from The Patch Factory can stand up to any riding or weather conditions you encounter on the road of life.

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Our graphic artists are top-notch too. We have a talented, award-winning staff of artists who can help you create virtually any image you want. They can help you create a design that will be perfect for the members of your group, no matter how large or small the group may be. And at The Patch Factory, you never pay for artwork, design or revisions. Your biker patches don't get made until YOU decide they're exactly what you want.

Once you approve your biker patches, we'll get things rolling fast. Our state of the art, computer-controlled embroidery machines are fast, accurate and dependable, and we ship FedEx 2-Day Air at no extra charge. We'll get your patches to you in two weeks or less.

If you're looking for new patches for Bike Week, Sturgis or just for everyday wear, we're your source. We can handle patches of any style or size. Whether you want a small patch to commemorate a special occasion, a memorial patch for a fallen brother or full three-piece set with rockers, we've got you covered.

We're committed to giving you great service, too. We've earned our reputation as a straight-up, no excuses provider of biker patches. We make the ordering process fast and easy. We offer the best prices you'll find from any supplier. We guarantee the quality of our work. It's almost a no-brainer to order from The Patch Factory.

Look, we know you have a choice of lots of places that sell biker patches. If we haven't sold you by now, consider this: We don't want just one order from you. We want to be the patch provider you come back to for years to come. We can't do that if you're dissatisfied. We have a roster of satisfied customers who can back us up. At The Patch Factory, we don't just promise -- we deliver.

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