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Moral Patches

Military Patches
Military patches have long been symbols of a soldier's standing, achievements, affiliation and rank. They're the proud badges that decorate any uniform – whether for the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard or Air Force. But you don't have to be enlisted to enjoy military patches. That's the beauty of custom patch making. The Patch Factory makes patches for everyone!

Military Patches – History of Embroidered Badges
Although military patches might seem like a traditional part of the uniform, they only first appeared around World War I, when General John J. Pershing gave permission for their use. By World War ll, the patches had become popular, and were viewed as emblems of pride among personnel. Today, military patches are common on all uniforms, with designs that represent individual units and promote camaraderie among divisions.

Military Patches – Treasured Collectables
Enlistees and civilians alike treasure military patches as collectable items. Some leave them sewn on original uniforms, others encase them in glass displays, on shelves, or present them in a leather-bound albums. The patriotic collector has countless ways to flaunt his or her military patches.

Custom Patch Production
State-of-the-art embroidering machines make it possible to get custom patches without the hand-stitched effort. Today's patches are bold, distinct, and made of durable materials for years of enjoyment. The Patch Factory makes it easy for military patch fans to get custom patches made to order. Simply fill out our no-obligation free quote form and we'll send you a price quote and art proof, expertly created by our skilled graphic artists.

Order your military patches from The Patch Factory -- and celebrate the armed forces with awesome embroidered art!