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Patches For Clothes

Looking for an effortless way to add style to a dull garment? Patches for clothes can transform a tote bag, enliven an old jacket, and make interesting a humble hat or any item you own.

Patches – The Easy Way to Embellish!
Patches are an easy way to embellish clothing and make a simple garment stand out. With so many patch options, it's easy to find the perfect ones. Whether you're looking for something sassy, smart, classy or cool, The Patch Factory has your perfect patches!

A Patchwork of Possibilities …
Some patches are symbols of achievement earned by Scouts, karate students, soldiers and club or group members. Other patches represent places traveled, milestones and special occasions. With the option to customize, your patch collection can be varied and exciting – representing your distinct style, life history, goals, hobbies and more. But whatever you decide to do with your patches, don't leave them cold in the closet. Wear them proudly, display them boldly and show them openly, because each one tells your story.

Break Free From the Fabric
You don't have to attach all your patches to articles of clothing – some patches were meant to be free from their fabric fetters. So compile them in cool shadow boxes, display cases, and on bulletin boards or shelves. Get creative and flaunt them on a quilt, convert a simple set of curtains, make a funky tablecloth or a themed throw rug. The patching possibilities are endless!

The Patch Factory makes patch ordering easy. Just fill out our no-obligation free quote from and we'll send you a price quote and custom art proof, right to your inbox. Or call us toll free Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET at 1-888-279-7512.

Start your patch collection today. Order your custom patches for clothes from the people who know patches --The Patch Factory!