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This week on The-Patch-Factory Blog, we're introducing our newest patch style, Woven Patches!

Embroidered Patches: The standard in the patch industry. You'll see Embroidered Patches everywhere, on uniforms, hats, jackets and even as small tags on clothing.

They start out with a twill backing, which is similar to denim in appearance and feel. Thread is embroidered onto the twill to form your custom design. Next, either a merrowed border is sewn onto the edge, or the edge is heat sealed with a hot cut border. Finally, if applicable, a backing is added, such as Iron-On, Velcro, or Tape.

Embroidered Patches are available in 50% embroidery (text and border embroidered onto twill), 75% embroidery (text and/or a logo or image with border embroidered onto twill), and 100% embroidery (entire twill covered with embroidery). At 50% and 75% embroidery, the text and images will have a raised look, since they are above the twill. The thread will also have a different sheen than the twill, further letting the detail stand out above the background. If you go for 100% embroidery, the patch will have a richer, more finished appearance.

Woven Patches: Our newest product! If you're in search of best looking patch around, a Woven Patch will suit your needs perfectly.

Unlike an embroidered patch, which uses a twill backing, Woven Patches are made of thread only, stitched together to form a continuous design. The thread used is thinner than standard embroidery thread. All of this allows for incredibly fine detail and small text to be reproduced consistently.

These unique features eliminate many of the limitations of embroidered patches, such as text size and thin lines. It also allows much smaller patches to be made--all the way down to half an inch--and still contain a proper design.

Best of all, these high quality woven patches are the same low price as our 100% embroidery patches, so you can get superior patches without breaking the bank!

We have enough different patch styles to suit your needs. From tiny tag patches to huge biker jacket back patches, and everything in between. If you have a design, we can help you turn it into a patch!

Custom Patch Backings and Borders


Welcome back to The Patch Factory Blog! This week we're discussing backings and borders for embroidered patches. Backings can help widen the range of application possibilities, or they can be specialized for a single particular use. Borders can change a patch from mild to wild.

Sew On:

Our standard backing, which is the back of the twill that everything is sewn onto.

Iron-On: An adhesive is melted onto the back of the twill, allowing you to heat it with an iron for a semi-permanent application. On items that see regular washing, our iron-on backing will last between 20-30 washes. On items that see little to no washing, like hats or jackets, the iron-on will last indefinitely. The backing also helps stiffen the patch, allowing it to lay flat, and is soft enough to sew through if you want to reinforce the iron-on with some light stitching. The only limitation to this backing is that the material it is being applied to needs to withstand the highest setting of your iron for about 30-45 seconds at a time. This eliminates synthetic fabrics, along with leather and similar materials.

Plastic: Similar to iron-on, but this doesn't melt when heated. Its main purpose is to stiffen the patch, helping it lay as flat as possible. Like iron-on, it can also be sewn through.

Velcro: A hook and loop fastener applied to the back of the patch. We also supply the opposite side to be sewn onto the item. Very rugged, so it can not be accidentally pulled off. Largely used by the military, where switching patches is common. The standard color is black, but it can be dyed to multiple colors to fit your needs.

Tape: A peel and stick backing. It basically turns your patch into a sticker! This is a non-permanent application when applied to clothing and fabric. The patch can be stuck onto and removed from a garment a few times before the glue loses its ability to stick. Apply it to a smooth surface for a more permanent application.

Button Loop: A loop of thread, similar in appearance to a merrowed border, is attached to the back of the patch. Like its name says, it is made to loop around a button to stay in place. Widely used by Scouts.


Merrowed: This is the standard border you'll see on most patches, and is already included in the pricing for all of our patches. It is made by wrapping thread from the front of the patch to the back in order to seal the edges. This helps to prevent fraying of the twill. It can match the twill background or be a different color. Our merrowed border is 1/8" thick.

A merrowed border does have limitations:

  1. It can only be applied to simple shapes, such as rectangles, ovals, squares, circles, and other designs with simple edges.
  2. Inward corners will cause problems for creating a merrowed border. The stitching will be bunched up on the outside of the border, while the inside will be too thin to cover the twill.
  3. Finally, a square or pointed corner is not possible because the thread will be sewn in a radius around the corner.

Hot Cut: An optional border that uses a laser to cut and seal the edge of a patch. This type of border has two major advantages over a merrowed border:

  1. Patch shape: The biggest advantage is that a hot cut border allows you to design your patch in just about any shape you need. People, objects, animals, and even letters can easily be made. Pointed corners and inward bends are also no problem.
  2. Iron-On backing: Since the twill backing reaches to the edge of the patch instead of being covered by a merrowed border, this means the iron-on backing does too. This will improve the durability of the iron-on, since there will be no loose merrow that might get caught on something.

Stay tuned next week for info on our newest patch type, Woven Patches!

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