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Bikers and Custom Embroidered Patches Go Together

Motorcycles just seem to go together naturally with some things. The open road. Leather clothing. And of course, custom embroidered patches.

Custom embroidered biker patches have been a part of the biker environment pretty much since the beginning of motorcycle culture. There's an embroidered patch to suit any rider, whether they belong to sanctioned rider groups, law enforcement, military veterans' groups or so-called outlaw biker clubs.

Some riders' clubs, such as those sponsored by motorcycle manufacturers don't have any specific requirements beyond owning the bike in question. BMW, Honda, Harley-Davidson and other manufacturers often sponsor these clubs. Custom biker patches for riding gear is a common way to show membership in these groups.

Some biker organizations serve a specific function, and their embroidered patches reflect that function. These groups include biker ministries, law enforcement rider clubs, veterans' riding groups and the Patriot Guard Riders, who provide funeral escorts for military veterans.

When it comes to specific riding organizations, patch design can show part of the organization's purpose. Generally speaking, a club that features a one-piece patch design is one sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association. Conversely, a three-piece patch indicates a so-called "outlaw club." The term can mean only that the club is not one that's sanctioned by the AMA, or, when accompanied by a separate "1%" patch, that the club is a true "outlaw" organization.

Regardless of the club it represents, the three-piece custom back patch is hard-won. Motorcycle clubs often require a period of apprenticeship and training that can last years. Those who wear it do so with pride.

For some, the back patch represents membership in a riding club. For others, it symbolizes nothing short of a lifestyle. No matter what style patch you're looking for, The Patch Factory is your premier source for biker patches.