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Embroidered Patches Articles

Custom Police Patches
Emblems for law enforcement and Police Units custom made to match their stations logo.

Custom Embroidered Patches of Distinction
Patches with a distinct purpose.

Biker patches make bold statements
Whether flying a patch as part of a brotherhood or to simply state "loud pipes save lives" these patches are bold and pack a big punch.

Military patches are symbolic decorations
These proud badges of honor are used to decorate any military branch uniform.

Patches for Clothes
Patches have multiple uses for various types of clothing from leather and denimjackets to jeans, shirts purses and tote bags.

Iron On Patches
Iron on patches can be quickly and easily affixed to just about any type of garment.

Boy Scout Patches
Boy Scout patches are a source of pride that brings a sense of achievement to a every adventurous young man.

Velcro Patches for quick on and off applications
For those occasions where a patch needs to be removed or changed quickly, Velcro Patches are the ideal choice.

Morale Patches are Versatile
Nothing is more memorable to a scout or serviceman than a moral patch to wear ontheir uniform.

Pitbull Rescue Custom Patch
Custom patches for the East Tennessee Pit Bull Rescue organization.

Raptors The MAC Patches
Custom patches for The Mills Athletic Council (The MAC) which is home to the Raptors, a non profit parent volunteers organization.

Reverend Horton Heat Patch
Custom embroidered patches for The Reverend Horton Heat, which is the stage name of American musician Jim Heath, as well as the name of his Dallas, Texas based pschobilly trio.

Brickfete Lego Patches
We made custom embroidered patches for a 3 day Brickfete Lego event held in Ontario Canada.

Soccer Patches Are A Great Way To Show Team Pride
Custom patches are enormously popular in many sports today. Youth soccer teams especially love patches. If you're shopping for soccer patches, The Patch Factory is your Number One choice for the best patches at the best prices.

Embroidered Patches : An Ancient Art With A Modern Twist
Today's custom embroidered patches respect the art of creating beautiful designs in textiles. Yet modern production techniques update the centuries-old handicraft for the digital era.

Embroidered Patches For Business Promotion
In the business world, every company needs a way to market themselves, to differentiate themselves from the competition. One way to do that is through the use of embroidered patches.

Choosing An Embroidered Patch Supplier
Custom embroidered patches are an excellent tool for marketing businesses, causes or ideas. The key to successfully using patches for these purposes is choosing the right patch company to supply them.

Choosing the Right Patch Backing
Embroidered patches are popular for many purposes today, and are available in many different shapes. Several different backing styles are commonly used on patches. The one that's right for your design depends on how you will use the embroidered patch.

Bikers and Custom Embroidered Patches Go Together
Motorcycles just seem to go together naturally with some things. The open road. Leather clothing. And of course, custom embroidered patches.

Rolling Thunder: Derby Patches Score With Fans
Look out folks, there's a new band of outlaws rolling into a town near you.